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What Altnara?


Is the traditional way and traded back in the tuna fisheries Libyan be Altnarp usually on the fisheries in the form of rooms on hold constant non-moving walls of the window corners list connected with the shore a long rope by the buoys determine the course of entry of tuna to the different rooms through the slot and one where the process occurs collision fish inside the room the last named, including the death chamber is harvest tuna.



It should be noted that this method was the use of the Libyan coasts and found many of the old Altnarat along the Libyan coast, the most important maritime Zliten, Qara Boulle, Alzeriq Misurata, Sabratha.

Now is the use of modern methods of potential high-tech to catch tuna fish surface such as the way the process of the surround and besiege tuna in the waters near the beach surround the use of nets can be used in aircraft to detect clusters tuna fish and help catch them.


Or a way of fishing longline (orange) is a thread long may reach a length of 140 km loader Balsnar Scion taste fresh and is used in depths of up to 300 meters and Japan is the most famous countries in the world which has succeeded in catching tuna in this way amounts of economic and commercial


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